Bags Of Change Grant Program

Bags of Change is a program by which Winter Ridge Natural Foods Market supports our community.
Here’s how it works: Customers receive a token (valued at 10-cent) refund when they bring in and reuse a shopping bag. Cashiers ask these customers if they’d like to donate their refund to Bags of Change. Each period, the donations from the program are used to award a grant to a different organization’s local project. Grant proceeds have ranged from $500 to $700 respectively for each of 3 grantees and their “6 month” period.
This Winter Ridge grant program is designed to help fund the projects of local, non-sectarian, and non-discriminatory non-profits and community organizations. Preference is given to projects that address local food security issues or align with the mission of Winter Ridge Natural Foods Market:

We nourish and educate our community and strive to be Sandpoint’s natural food store of choice. We offer excellent products and customer service while we care for our employees, our community and the environment.

Application Guidelines:

  • To apply, please complete and submit a Bags of Change Grant application – See below.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Funding is available to schools, nonprofits, clubs or other organizations. Payments will not be made to individuals.
  • Funding is available only for projects that take place in and benefit citizens of Bonner County, Idaho.
  • A committee of Winter Ridge staff members determines awards. All other criteria being equal, preference is given to organizations not recently funded by Bags of Change.
  • Applications are reviewed and grants made for a “6 month” period.
  • Three grantees are chosen for a particular “6 month” period.
  • Grant award amounts vary as customers choose from those 3 separate grantees to place their tokens.
  • Bags of Change tokens are tallied at the end of the “6 month” period.
  • Grantees receive their grant money within 30 days after the end of their “two quarters” period.
  • Winter Ridge staff, their immediate families and their privately owned businesses are not eligible for grants.
  • Organizations in which Winter Ridge employees are members or otherwise participate are eligible for grants. However, if his or her affiliated organization applies, the staff member may not participate in award selection.
  • Applications are accepted year round and will remain in the applicant pool for one year.

Download a printable Bags of Change Grant Application Winter Ridge Foods Bags of Change Grant Application, fill it out completely and return to Winter Ridge by mail or in person.

Or apply online using our online application form.