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I think a lot about what we put on our skin, it’s my job to do so, but it’s also a personal passion. Here are some crazy statistics…


In the US, the cosmetic industry’s panel has reviewed just 11 percent of the 10,500 cosmetic ingredients cataloged by FDA (FDA 2010).Canada has a guideline for over 650 chemicals and The European Union Health Commission has restricted over 1,300 chemicals while only 11 Chemicals are banned in the US.


Government regulations when it comes to cosmetics, hasn’t been updated since 1930. There are currently 80,000 synthetic chemicals on the marketplace that are not fully tested.  (Source: Natural Resource Defense Council)


Laws do not regulate the use of words like “Natural” and “Organic” on cosmetics and personal care products. Fragrances are considered trade-secret.  Manufacturers are not required to disclose specific fragrance ingredients on the product label. Instead, the generic term parfum or fragrance is listed, representing a mixture of potentially dozens of chemicals.


This is alarming to those of us that not only eat as cleanly as possible but want the products that we apply to our face and body to be clean as well, not loaded with potentially toxic chemicals.


In the coming months I will be highlighting the cleanest Skin Care/Cosmetic lines that we have here at Winter Ridge and I am going to start this month with a small women owned company called…..


Intelligent Elixirs

From Denver Colorado, Intelligent Elixirs was launched in May of 2017.  The creators of the company, Cat Tatman and Mary Butler have always been passionate about creating quality products that promote healthy youthful skin. With more than 36 years combined experience in the professional skincare market, they were inspired to create a product line for the retail marketplace that was clean and non-toxic but that delivered the same results and efficacy as a professional line.


Blending alchemy with cutting edge technology, Intelligent Elixirs offers progressive treatments to promote healthy, vibrant skin.  At the core of the line is Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant proven to create real change in the skin.  Skillfully formulated, each ingredient was chosen for its transformative, anti-aging effect on all skin types.


With a comprehensive product mix of 13 products that include: Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser, Citrus Facial Scrub, Antioxidant Moisturizer, Ultra Restorative Moisturizer, Pure Squalane (plant derived), Hydrating B-5 Serum, 15% Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum. We carry all of these and will be bringing in the Brightening Serum, total eye repair, Gel Cleanser and Broad Spectrum Tinted SPF (3 shades) soon!


From their website –


Our Commitment:

Our mission is to offer clean products free of toxic ingredients; coupled with a commitment to complete transparency of the ingredients in the products. Our products are focused on anti-aging, improving the skins health and overall appearance. We do not test on animals and we do not formulate with the following:

GMOs, Artificial Fragrances, Pesticides, Parabens, Gycols, DEAs, Artificial Dyes or Fragrances, Phthalates, Oxybenzone, Formaldehyde, PEGs, Petroleum, Sulfates, Nanoparticles, Tetrasodium EDTA.


I have personally used these products for the last few months and can visibly see the difference, they are truly amazing! Intelligent Elixirs is very generous with testers, so come on in and ask for some take home samples today!


In Good Health


Health and Beauty Manager


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