Flatten the Curve

We would like to notice something “out loud” and hopefully it is of some assistance, or comfort. 

In the US, we’re not used to going out and seeing depleted shelves, anywhere. Over the last few weeks, (in photos, and recently–in our local surroundings) we’ve encountered the wiped out shelves of typically fully stocked items (toilet paper, canned goods, baking essentials, etc.). It’s a little unnerving, and certainly not what we’ve all grown accustomed to. 

But the world is not out of these things. We encourage you to resist the urge to “panic buy.” Yes, it’s good to have some extra pantry staples – but if you’ve had the resources to bulk yours up in the last week or two, try to slow yourself down now. Just like we talk about “flattening the curve” on our need for healthcare access, we can work together to flatten the curve on our demand for groceries.

We are not telling you to starve, or not to prepare.
But once you’ve done some extra shopping – if you’ve been fortunate enough to do so – then relax, eat from your supply. Because a LOT of folks do not have the budget flexibility to stock up, and they won’t have a lot of options while manufacturers and warehouses are replenished. 

The world isn’t out of stuff – but we all just hit the shelves hard, all at once, and so it’s going to look weirdly (and possibly eerily) empty for a while. It looks strange to us, it makes us feel unsettled, but we are not out of things long-term! If you’ve managed to gather more than you usually have, that’s great – but try to give your neighbors a chance now, too.

Winter Ridge will continue to work hard to keep our shelves as full as possible.
We will continue to pass down the savings and offer sales and specials.
We will continue to be here for you. 

Please help us in being here for our community and buy only what you need. 

Your friends at Winter Ridge Natural Foods


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