Get To Know Our New Deli Chef, Stefhanie

Born in 1973 in West Virginia before moving to Los Angeles at the age of ten with her family, Chef Meyers was trained at the Art Institute Culinary program in Santa Monica. While taking classes, and working a full-time job in retail Chef Meyers also performed an internship at Rivera Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles under the command of Chef John Sedlar.


After her internship was fulfilled she was offered a full-time job working the garde manger station. She spent the next year learning as many aspects of the kitchen and absorbing various gastronomy techniques as well as traditional techniques of Spanish food.


In 2010 Meyers went on to help with the opening of Playa Rivera, another Chef Sedlar restaurant in Hollywood. Here she took on several stations as well as learned to process inventory, ordering, dealing with purveyors & leading the kitchen staff.

In 2011 Meyers left Playa Rivera to take on larger volume plus a cuisine style change for further growth. Meyers became Chef de Cuisine of The Federal Bar in North Hollywood (Knitting Factory Company) leading a kitchen of 12 line cooks. This is where Meyers learned to develop food for multiple menus running at once. In 2012 Meyers went on to become Executive Chef of Bow & Truss Spanish Taverna. Bow & Truss was a high profile, seasonal menu centralized around a cocktail mixology program, nestled in the heart of San Fernando Valley. Meyers leaned her focus on fresh, seasonal, Basque driven cuisine with a heavy vision built around paella. Following this venture, Meyers chose to pursue a farm to table approach working with local farmers to curate delicious food.

After many years in Los Angeles, Chef Meyers decided to take her culinary experiences and move to the Pacific Northwest. Meyers came to Sandpoint to be Executive Chef & General Manager of The Bistro Rouge with The Pend d’Oreille Winery delivering a menu of regional cuisine gathered from the local farming community. The Bistro Rouge closed its doors April of 2017.


With more than 14 years of culinary expertise under her belt Chef Meyers is now at home in Sandpoint as Head Chef at Winter Ridge, managing our kitchen and curating our menu. She has found a passion working with local farmers, focusing on sustainability as well as nutrition. You can expect to see a lot of emphasis on scratch-made vegetable based menu items while still featuring sustainably sourced proteins. Our Winter Ridge team is very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn from such an accomplished Chef. Come by the deli and say hello!


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