Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Welcome to our Loyalty Program

Because you are our valuable, loyal customer we’re offering you the following benefits when you shop with us:

  • 10% opt-in bonus (has an approximate 6 week expiration date)
  • 10% off on your birthday annually (has an approximate 6 week expiration date)
  • Special discounts on many offers throughout the store…..like 20% off holiday turkeys, prime rib and more
  • Bread cards, juice & smoothie cards, sandwich special cards can all be handled on the Loyalty Program.  No need to carry around punch cards.

Here is a brief about how the program works:

  • Create an account by filling out a simple 1 page form you receive from a Winter Ridge cashier.  A current email address is key to link your account number and  your phone number for the Loyalty Program to work.
  • Once we receive your completed form we will manually enter your information into our system.  You will know when your information is in the system once you receive the automatic welcome e-mail.  Initially you will receive 10% discount for joining and an annual 10% discount on your birthdayBoth the initial joining and birthday 10% rewards  have an expiration associated with their offers.
  • At the register (when you come in to shop) enter your phone number on the key pad to bring up your account.
  • As your items are being run-up the system automatically calculates your points…which appear at the bottom of your receipt.

Every time you shop…you earn points!


How do I know how many points “beans” I’ve earned?
When at the register to check out, just ask your cashier how many points “beans” you have accumulated. It will also be displayed on the guest register screen.

Do beans expire?
Points “beans” will not expire unless the guest account becomes inactive after a year.

Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] should you have any questions regarding our Loyalty Program.

And…about your personal information we would not want any of ours shared …Please rest assured we  will not sell or give yours to anyone.

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