“Head Butcher” Butcher Department Manager

Job Title: “Head Butcher” Butcher Department Manager

Department: Butcher

Salary Plan: Hourly

Reports to: Fresh Operations Manager

Supervised by: General Manager

Date Approved: 2/27/2018


The Head of the Meat and Seafood department or Head Butcher is responsible for everything that happens in the Butcher department. This includes but is not limited to owning staff from hire to termination, overall-service, merchandising, the health and well-being of all facilities, product quality, labor %, COGS and the sales performance of the department. In conjunction with the supervisor and Staff, the Head Butcher is responsible for all aspects of the department’s operations and the smooth running of the floor, including visual merchandising, receiving, staff scheduling, on shift instruction and evaluation, facilities management, and a myriad of other tasks that arise on a daily basis. The Head Butcher also works 2-4 shifts per week supporting, participating and directing the overall aesthetic and service in the butcher department. The Head Butcher works in partnership with the Chef and Deli Service Manager to provide seamless service, promote excellent communication amongst the staff and to achieve shared financial goals. The Head Butcher works with the other Store Managers and the General Manager to create a cohesive leadership team that supports the Winter Ridge mission statement, service mission, training mission, and core values.



Job Duties and Responsibilities:



·       Fully responsible for the butcher department P&L. Manage COGS, payroll, and expense percentages to budget

·       Responsible for sales performance for the Butcher department.



·       Recruit, interview, hire  staff for Butcher Department

·       Successfully onboard and train all new staff

·       Manage and write the schedule, maintaining proper labor costs

·       Terminate staff (execute both voluntary and involuntary terminations)


Staff Development

·       Maintain an accurate review schedule for staff and provide staff with action-oriented reviews

·       Foster and maintain an exemplary service level in the Butcher Department.

·       Coach and direct the groups and individuals as needed.

·       Inspire staff in other departments, build a team of butcher ambassadors.


Inventory Management

·       Manage inventory levels in back stock and on the floor. Manage to budget, maintain product in stock.

·       Manage all ordering and receiving

·       Ensure exemplary quality control of all product in Butcher Department


Vendor Relations

·       Nurture develop relationships with current and new suppliers

·       Work with vendors to schedule in person training sessions


Department Operations

·       Develop and maintain a department business plan

·       Direct all operations initiatives for the department (product knowledge, merchandising, stocking, inventory management, prep/production)

·       Own facilities maintenance for Butcher Department.

·       Communicate all department initiatives to the operations team to promote group leadership.

·       Run the department’s in-store demos and be the vendor liaison for vendor demos.



·       Supports and promotes the Winter Ridge service mission at all times

·       Builds relationships with staff, vendors, and guests

·       Demonstrates effective salesmanship while on the floor. Teaches salesmanship to floor staff.

·       Provides food and cooking expertise to guests and staff on shift.

General Operational Skills
·       Creates a system for staff breaks to meet business needs.

·       Allocates resources to service, production, deli, kitchen as needed

·       Coaches staff—critiquing their work and recognizing great performance—during every shift

·       Ensures that all departments are running smoothly and maintaining the appropriate aesthetics (“the feast”) and service level

·       Direct daily planning of business in support of larger store initiatives. Set goals and directives for each shift.

·       Maintain seamless communication with management team via the journals, PM Notes, one-on-ones, and bi-weekly operations meetings.


Aesthetics and Display
·       Play an active role in creating and organizing displays around the store.

·       Builds displays taking into consideration seasonality, daily store sales, existing inventory and promotional campaigns


Safety and Security
·       Supervise the operation of store equipment such as the grinder, cry-o-vac machine, refrigeration, etc.

·       Develop and maintain safety and sanitation programs (including HACCP, Knife safety, etc.)

·       Promote an atmosphere of safety.

·       Execute proper opening and closing procedures following all security guidelines

·       Serve-Safe Certified and maintains sanitary and safe food production facility

·       Responsible for the execution of the department’s HACCP Plan

·       Monitor maintenance of store equipment (sausage packer, mixers, kitchen equipment, etc.). Troubleshoot as able or delegate to appropriate maintenance technician.

·       Maintain refrigeration log. Insure all refrigeration temps are within the safe zone.

·       Maintain seamless communication regarding maintenance issues with the operations team.



Additional Responsibilities
Additional responsibilities not detailed in this job description may be added by the general manager after discussion with the head of the butcher department.



Educational Requirements: College degree preferred


Experience: A demonstrated commitment to service as a culture and to sustainability; a devotion to the craft of butchery. Must have purchasing experience, be Serve-Safe (or equivalent) certified.  Experience using and servicing various types of butcher equipment, including but not limited to: cleavers, hand and band saws, ROP machines, scales.   Minimum of two years management experience with hire and fire responsibility.


Physical Requirements: Continuous standing, walking, sitting and carrying/transporting of less than 15 lbs.; occasional climbing, stooping, twisting and fine manipulation; intermittent bending, reaching, and carrying/transporting of 15-50 lbs. Occasional environmental exposure to cold, heat and water; and rare exposure to dust and fumes.


Skill Requirements: Exceptional people skills, ability to put employees at ease, ability to achieve goals through others. Proficient with MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.


Language: Fluent English required (spoken and written).


License: Driver license



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