KETO – Fat for Fuel

Like every other organ in your body, your brain requires nutrients to perform. The better you feed your brain the better it works. The brain CRAVES FAT! Diets high in healthy fats like coconut oil, whole eggs, olive oil, MCT’s, nuts, salmon and avocodo helps to generate nerve function inside your brain. It boosts energy, memory, cognition and alertness.


The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate way of eating. This way of eating forces the body to burn stored fat for energy compared to a typical standard diet where you are burning glucose. The keto diet helps with things like, less hunger, improved hormone function, beautiful and vibrant skin, burning body fat, maintains muscle and as mentioned already, brain fuel!


Ketosis kicks in after 3 or 4 days of eating less than 30-50 grams of carbohydrates per day. When you are burning carbohydrates for fuel instead of fat, your cell’s mitochondria (mitochondria are the cell’s power producers!) suffer more damage from free radicals. When a significant percentage of your mitochondria stop functioning properly, your health can falter and leave you vulnerable to chronic disease. I’m not going to go any farther into that but the fact is that the body was designed to run more efficiently on fats than carbs.


Starting in March the Wellness department is going to start a focus on Keto-friendly products and supplements such as:


* Apple Cider Vinegar. The use of apple cider vinegar for health dates back thousands of years. A new vinegar from Dr. Mercola contains ginger root puree for it’s thermogenic fat burning properties. It also includes turmeric root puree for digestive and metabolic support. Contains the “mother” with naturally occurring gut-friendly probiotics and enzymes and it contains Acetic acid that produces acetoacetate which is one of the 3 most important ketones!


   *MCT. medium-chain triglycerides are a special type of fat that get their name from their chemical structure, or their length or chain of carbon molecules. They are mostly extracted from coconuts, some of are from palm kernel oil (I personally stay away from palm though because of the rain forest devastation). There are four types of MCT’s ranging from 6-12 carbons long (C6, C8, C10 and C12). There are a lot of brands that use combinations of C8 and C10 fats. But C8 is the most expensive MCT fat and converts to ketones far more rapidly than C10 fats and is a bit easier on digestion. C8 fats are water soluble and cross the blood-brain barrier to provide your brain tissue with fuel. Not all types of fat do that! We carry 2 C8  MCT oils in the Wellness department, Dr. Mercola Pure Power Ketone Energy and Bulletproof Brain Octaine. A couple more cool facts about these MCT’s are that they bypass the normal intestinal processes to be used as a clean-burning fuel, it rapidly converts to energy to help squelch hunger pangs and boosts satiety. It is completely odorless, easy to add into food or smoothies or just take plain.


     *Organic Mitomix Seed Blend A great source of quality fats is organic seeds. They can be great sources of omega-6 and omega-3 fats. Dr. Mercola has put together a great mix that includes whole psyllium, hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, black sesame seeds, black cumin seeds and golden flax seeds. This is one of my all-time favorite blends I have ever tried! The black sesame and black cumin add snap and rich flavor. Most people will benefit from a diet where 60-85% of their calories come from fat and this is a high quality fat ideal for ketosis!


     *Berberine and MicroPQQ Researchers have discovered that berberine activates AMPK, which helps boost autophagy (cellular cleaning and recycling) in your cells. Because berberine and PQQ’s impacts are on different pathways in your mitochondria, putting these two together have synergistic effects and super positive benefits for a ketogenic diet.


*Ubiquinol  Reaching nutritional ketosis is a process and having the right “tools” is going to get you there a lot faster! Ubiquinol is a co-enzyme involved in the energy transfer cycle across your mitochondrial membranes. The higher your levels of ubiquinol or it’s oxidized form CoQ-10, the healthier your mitochondria and cells are going to be. Ubiquinol is responsible for the Q-cycle process in your mitochondria, which is the proton pump that converts fuel into ATP and in turn into energy. Sounds complicated but a very important big deal!


*Instant Ketones Beta-Hydroxybutyrate sounds intimidating and science-y so I’m going to break it down and call it by BHB, one of the top words in the ketogenic diet community. BHB is a molecule that is considered to be a ketone body. A ketone body is one of the main molecules that helps your body produce energy in the absence of glucose. This molecule is essential if you are using your own fat for fuel, or taking BHB as a supplement to increase energy production essentially to be in nutritional ketosis. BHB can be made in the body. When the body is done using up a certain substrate to create energy after eating carbohydrates, it starts finding creative ways to get the job done. If this didn’t happen, you’d be dead after fasting for a very short period of time. The liver steps up and starts making BHB from long chain and medium chain fatty acids that are taken from fat tissue. And this is a truly beautiful thing because it means you are turning fat into fuel. The problem is waiting for the body to make this switch from carbohydrate metabolism to beta hydroxbutyrate metabolism (KETOSIS!) and it can take some time and be a little uncomfortable. So a way to speed this up is by supplementing BHB, Instant Ketones. BHB turns into energy by going into the cell and enters the mitochondria (energy factories) fulfilling a lot of complicated scientific processes until it is churned into ATP which is the energy currency of your cells. Basically BHB is important because through many processes and abilities, it gives us what a lot of other molecules cant: ENERGY! And we are using stored fat for fuel. And the brain loves that! Supplementing with BHB will get you into ketosis faster and cut out some of the misery of giving up the carbs.


     *FatZymes This is an enzyme that has been formulated for the Ketogenic diet by Dr. Colbert. It assists the body in breaking down difficult to digest proteins and sugars, eliminates stress from the GI Tract and enhances nutritional absorption and prevents nutritional deficiencies. It can be a little tricky switching the body over to eating higher amounts of fats and this is the product that makes that easy as well!


We will also have Dr. Mercola’s book “Fat For Fuel” and Dr. Don Colbert’s “Keto Zone Diet” available to purchase which I highly recommend. There is a lot of great information out there and we are training to learn as much as we can about Keto so stop into the Keto Zone with us in March.


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