Your Monthly Deli And Bakery Update!

Welcome to 2017 everyone! It feels good to start a new year with fresh ideas and renewed intentions in our food production departments. We’ve got some exciting things planned for you. Here is a snippet of what we are doing this month.


Behind the scenes in the kitchen, we have been working on streamlining a lot of our vegetable prep processes to make it easier for our deli employees to prepare you fresh food made from scratch every day. We have also been working on ironing out some technical difficulties we’ve been having with our labeling system. If you have noticed that some of our items are missing ingredients on the label, please rest assured that this is temporary and we will have all our items properly labeled very soon. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask a deli employee if you have questions or concerns about the ingredients in our food.


New items available right now include…


Bacon bangers in our breakfast hot bar every morning. These are a spin on a traditional English breakfast sausage made with pork and bacon, seasoned with thyme, sage, nutmeg, and marjoram. Personally, I am obsessed with them and probably need to pump the brakes on my consumption before I become a sausage myself! If you enjoy them as much as I do, you can also find them for sale in our meat department where they are made fresh just for you.


Also debuting this month, Sunday brunch! Every Sunday, we will be filling or hot bar with delicious brunch food all day. You will find all the classics – hash browns, eggs, home fries, bacon bangers (of course), and brunch strata to name a few. What is brunch strata you ask? Brunch strata is essentially a delicious breakfast casserole made by soaking crusty bread, veggies, and cheese in a creamy egg mixture overnight before baking it into a satisfying breakfast dish.


Bone broth will be making its appearance soon in our juice and coffee bar! Bone broth is very hip right now in the foody community and has been praised by many for its numerous healing benefits. We will be offering our house made chicken bone broth by the cup for your sipping pleasure. Order a cup next time you’re in the store! lentil brownies2


New things to look for from our bakery department include nut butter “fudge”, gluten free AND vegan lentil brownies, as well as a few more weekly bread offerings.


The nut butter fudge and lentil brownies are both so delicious, easy on allergens, and packed with protein. Our nut butter fudge has only a few simple ingredients and is pretty close to paleo depending on how you feel about peanut butter. The lentil brownies are my own creation and are completely flour-less. They have a base of mashed lentils and soy yogurt with a little hit of espresso, topped with a swipe of vegan fudge frosting. YUM!


See you soon!


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