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Choosing Non-GMO: It’s Not Just About Food!

The long-term effects of genetic modification on our health are barely understood, but what we do know is not pretty: infertility, birth defects, cancer, neurological disorders and organ damage are just some of the risks. Even if you carefully avoid genetically modified foods, it’s almost certain that you are still exposed to GMOs every day. GMOs are in everyday items you may use on a regular basis. Here are just a few examples:
Hand Sanitizer: There are many reasons to avoid conventional hand sanitizers, but one more is exposure alcohol made from GM corn. In 2010, 86% of US-grown corn was genetically modified.
Soy Ink: Many companies tout their use of soy ink to dye clothing and to print books, product packaging, magazines and newspapers. Since the United States soybean production is 85% GM, soy ink nearly inevitably contains GMOs, and ink is highly absorbable through the skin.
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