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Love & Food: Aphrodisiacs

by Vicki Reich, Winter Ridge Store Manager
This post originally appeared on Vicki’s blog, Word of Mouth, in February 2008

I love food. I love everything about it; the colors and textures of the produce as I buy it, the feel of my knife slicing through whatever I happen to be chopping, the smells that emanate from my skillet, and, of course, the incredible variety of flavors that all the food available to us can produce. One of the other things I love about food is sharing it with the people I care about. It is one of my favorite ways to say “I love you”.
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I started thinking about how food can play a part in this celebration of love. As I composed a romantic menu in my head, I began to think about aphrodisiacs and how I could incorporate them into my meal. I knew chocolate and oysters were supposed to increase sexual desire but wanted to base my menu on a greater variety of foods. Enter the Internet. There are lots of lists of aphrodisiacs on the Web and the foods are similar on all of them. I started planning my menu.
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